Detroit & Michigan Bulldog Club, INC.

We are committed to the
health and well being
 of Bulldogs
Detroit Bulldog Club has been set up as an informative site for those interested in Bulldogs. 
Many of our members exhibit and raise Bulldogs to compete in AKC and other dog shows. Other members just love Bulldogs and own them as pets. Still others are active in the Detroit Bulldog Rescue.

Anyone who is interested in Bulldogs and wants to learn more about the breed is welcome to attend our DBC monthly meetings, specialty shows, and other events we hold in Michigan throughout the year. 

DBC encourages responsible pet ownership and breed education and urges new bulldog owners to try out our activities. Develop new friendships, gain breed knowledge, ensure bulldog health, and share with like-minded people who are devoted to this wonderful breed. Get involved in the Club, find your niche, share your passion, and help us better the breed. 

The Detroit & Michigan Bulldog Club, INC. is a Non Profit Organization
About us

The Detroit & Michigan Bulldog Club (A.K.A. Detroit Bulldog Club and DBC) was founded in 1928 and is one of the oldest Bulldog clubs in the United States. Our members strive to promote and educate the public about Bulldogs. Those members who breed, work to produce Bulldogs of true type and soundness and follow the official AKC Standard. Although we are principally a show giving club, we welcome to our membership those who are interested in Bulldogs and the betterment and education of the breed. Some of our members do not show or breed but just love Bulldogs. Others work with Detroit Bulldog Rescue, which DBC helps support veterinarian care.
DBC is a member of Division 2 of the Bulldog Club of America, founded in 1890.
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